How to Bypass iCloud Lock - working trick

How to Bypass iCloud Lock - working trick

iCloud lock or Find My iPhone Activation Lock prevents someone from stealing an iPhone, erasing it and using it as their own. It can also lock out users who forget their information or who buy a used phone from an owner that did not remove their information from it. There are two ways to bypass iCloud lock and activation lock to make the iPhone work again, but neither will work if the device is stolen.
The simplest solution is to take the device to an Apple store with proof that you own it, but if that is not possible there is a new service that specializes in unlocking the iCloud lock to allow you to use the iPhone just like it was new.
The iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s all include Find My iPhone Activation Lock as part of iOS 7. This is also commonly called iCloud lock as it can lock the phone down and prevent a thief from resetting the iPhone and selling it. Apple introduced this feature in iOS 7 last fall and it is already credited with cutting down on smartphone theft.

For all the good that iCloud lock does, it can lock out otherwise innocent users that lost access to information, to a loved one’s iPhone after they passed away and to people who purchased a used iPhone that was not unlocked. Although some used iPhones are not unlocked because they are stolen, this is also something that happens when users sell an iPhone without knowing exactly what Find My iPhone Activation lock or iCloud lock does.

his guide will show you how you can bypass iCloud lock to make your iPhone work again. If it is a stolen iPhone, or it is in lost mode, you are out of luck.

Bypass iCloud Lock with Apple

If you own the iPhone that is locked with iCloud lock you can work with Apple to bypass iCloud lock. Apple will not do this for just any phone, but if it is your iPhone and you have the original receipt you can work with Apple to unlock Activation Lock in iOS 7.
Learn how to bypass iOS 7 Activation Lock.

The best solution is to take your original receipt and your ID to an Apple Store, where many users report success in getting Apple to unlock iCloud lock on a device they can prove they own.
You may also be able to use Apple’s online support service to do the same thing, but make sure you have your information handy to share with Apple.

Remove iCloud Lock From Previous Owner

If you bought the iPhone from a seller on Craigslist or Ebay and they did not remove the Activation lock or iCloud lock your best bet is to contact them and ask them to remove it. If they are the rightful owner it should be something they can do very quickly.

Ask the seller to remove iCloud lock before trying other options.

f you meet up they can enter their Apple ID and password on the iPhone and disable iCloud lock. If they do not want to meet up they can go to and sign inClick on All Devices and then on the device to removeClick erase all content and settings and keep clicking next. After this is done click Remove from Account.
This will leave the device in a working state so that you, the new owner, can log in and set it up like a new iPhone.

Bypass iCloud Lock for $150

If neither of these are an option, because you live in a country without an Apple Store or the seller will not respond, you can use a service called ChronicUnlocks to bypass iCloud lock. This is an expensive options at $150, but it could turn a paperweight into an iPhone. The service description is as follows,

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